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Welcome to T. Aragno lives!



  • Feel free to read and reply, but I'd prefer you keep the hacks to a minimum; nothing personal, I'd just like to uphold the illusion of individual identities in this forum.


  • random edit! 

  • Here's what T. Aragno has been up to lately:


  • Feeling dark? Visit the HopelessDungeon.
  • Some thoughts on RiOt.
  • Prof VJ asks not what your blog can do for you, but what can you do for YourBlog!
  • (2/5/06) I hate cookies and cookies HateMe.
  • (2/9/06) Art you've seen before -- somewhere else! PaulPfeiffer
  • (2/16/06) Can you hear me now? Or, some thoughts on writing/thinking in TheNow
  • (2/21/06) DeepCover as an m.o.
  • (2/25/06) MoralIssues in creativity (an epigraph)
  • (3/6/06) Who's Eleanor Antin calling MeShugge?
  • (3/9/06) Does CoryArcangel clap when the phone rings?
  • (3/14/06) Take a gawk at T. Aragno's flickr project, right here.
  • (3/15/06) The beginnings of a MysteriousPost.
  • (ongoing) MFA thesis projects to watch out for!
  • (ongoing) metaphors for D!


  • (ongoing) supportive comments for CU MFA grads!


  • flaherty stuff
      (summer 06)


  • (summer '08) A short story about Mark Amerika
  • (summer '08) Bruce Conner 1933-2008

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    • Here's some "backstory" stuff on T. Aragno:


    • T. Aragno Lives
    • T. Aragno continues to live
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