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metaphors for D

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 12 months ago

D is a farmer. The kernals of corn planted in his field are film students. Soon after the kernals start to sprout, D offers them instructions on how to grow: They must grow 15 inches (horizontally) north, then 5 inches east, THEN they may grow toward the sun. If the sprouts grow toward the sun immediately, they will be pulled out of the ground and scattered on top of the field. If they want to get back into the ground and try again, well, that's the corn's problem.

D is Walter O'Malley. As our fearless leader, D leads the department heroically from dilapidated Ebbets Field (Macky Auditorium) to a brand new Dodger Stadium (ATLAS) built on the remains of an evicted low-income housing development in Chavez Ravine (Hunter building). Those who lament the Dodgers' abandonment of Brooklyn are castigated -- I mean, they'll still have the Yankees, what are they complaining about? -- and virtually all important corporate decisions are tightly controlled by O'Malley as all dissenting ownership has been eliminated.

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